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Sometimes at the end of the week you reflect on getting much done, making some headway in new directions and really feeling like you make a difference. Other weeks you feel lucky to have struck a couple of items off the 'To Do List' without adding too much else on it. And then there are the times when its all confirmed that what you do is the best thing you should be doing – its what you are truly unique at and enjoy doing.

This week I received a letter from a client I had been coaching to find a new job and it made my week.

"When I first met Paul Copcutt I had been unemployed for over 18 months. A corporate restructuring had sent me packing from a senior executive position and a very successful career.

Originally, I felt it would be no big deal to get another job. I was well connected personally, had a great network and was a winner in everything I did. I got the interviews! I interviewed well but couldn't seem to get past that second interview and land the job.

Soon the interviews dried up and so did I. I was deflated, un-motivated, and I felt like a loser. I was too old and too female to be hired back into the fast- paced industry that I knew. I took 2 part-time jobs because I was sure a "real" job would never come my way again.

When I connected with Paul my job search really began. Paul started by recommending a new looking resume, several different cover letters, and that I start networking all over again. Paul was responsive to all of my questions. Over the next 3 months Paul suggested, advised, critiqued and supported me in my job search.

It was my learning process so I did the physical work. I quickly learned what was working and not working for me in my job search. I became more aggressive in my searching and utilized resources I had not thought about before. Weekly logs helped me see how I could work more effectively to create opportunities and how to maximize on those opportunities I did create.

Opportunities lead to interviews and a rise in self- esteem. With the ability to bounce questions and concerns off Paul I landed a job I wanted. I became employed in my field less than 4 months after I started working with Paul.

I highly recommend Paul to anyone who really wants to find a job. He has been a fabulous "coach" and overall resource to me. I only wish I had met Paul a year before I did!"

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