It’s Not What You Know, its Who You Know on LinkedIn

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New Enhancements to the LinkedIn Job Board Experience

Despite the increased amount of business development, networking and relationship and the many recommendations now to build a profile that is more than just a cut and paste of your resume, for many users of LinkedIn it is still predominantly used to help them find their next job. Even with lower unemployment numbers having the upper hand with some more insights can be a real advantage,

A LinkedIn study in 2015 showed that 40% of job changers were hired at a company where they had at least one LinkedIn connection. If finding your next role is the most important reason you are on LinkedIn you should be really pleased with the recent changes and enhancements to the job seeking portion of the platform.

At around the turn of the year LinkedIn started to let you see who your connections were at a particular company when you looked at one of their job postings. This past week they announced further enhancements, for those with Job Seeker Premium Memberships, including;

  • Also see who your fellow school alumni and company alumni at the company.
  • Advise you of any jobs if you fall in to the top 50% of qualified applicants for a role.
  • Who the fastest growing companies are in an industry or sector.

You can read more on LinkedIn’s blog and watch videos showing you the new enhancements – click here to read.

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