It’s Siesta Time at Work

With all it’s recent economic troubles, the Spanish government is seriously considering abolishing the country’s siesta. This would be a major culture shift and potentially more damaging than good.



There are many famous examples of leaders and geniuses who were regular nappers. It is something I do on a regular basis and my Dad always did.  So what are the benefits?

A recent article in the Washington Post highlights some;

1. Napping makes you more productive.

2. You’ll likely live longer.

3. Winston Churchill napped throughout World War II.

4. Some of the best minds in history napped.

5. You’ll be more creative.

6. Napping is natural.

7. Napping is cheaper and more effective than coffee.

8. Highly productive nations have embraced naps without negative consequences.

Read the full article here.

The Spanish may not be the best examples because their siesta’s tend to be quite long – up to two hours! But the Japanese are big embracers of the concept.

Do you nap and if so what are the benefits you get?

1 thought on “It’s Siesta Time at Work”

  1. Yup, am a big fan of short power-naps, myself, Paul. Focusing on “attracting” one’s goals before and after power-naps, in order to use the “Power of the Unconscious Mind”, works like magic, as per Dr. Joseph Murphy: Best, ~ M.

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