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I did not get a chance to blog about this at the time or after my trip to San Francisco – but I have to include it from a point of view of a poor brand experience.

On my return to Buffalo my flight was delayed in the air by a wind change over Newark and I landed in New Jersey with 10 minutes to catch my connecting flight to Buffalo. Needless to say I missed it.

I could only be put on standby for an overbooked 9 pm flight, which I did not get on. The airline was unable to help me even get on the next two Buffalo flightsa the next morning so offered an alternative via Cleveland – not ideal but seats were guaranteed.

They then proceeded to only offer me an $8 evening meal voucher (the resturants by then were closed!), no hotel or compensation as it was not their fault – no technical problem – not their problem – even though they were compensating passengers prepared to give up seats that I might have ended up on!

The next morning after a poor nights sleep at the airport the cleveland flight was eelayed to the point where I might miss my connection – I opted to stay at Newark on standby for Buffalo and lucked out with the last seat on the 7.30 am.

27 hours after setting off from San Francisco I finally got home, pleased to see my family, glad to be home.

I wanted to call Continental Airlines customer service centre to voice my displeasure – but when you are told the number is 1-800-WE-CARE – why bother??!!

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