Juggling Customer Service?

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"If someone thinks they are being mistreated by us, they won't tell 5 people, they'll tell 5000" Jeff Bozos – CEO Amazon.com

I am pleased that summer has truly arrived in the past few days even if it is often with hot and sticky weather, but it does also mean that the area is filled each week with many interesting and stimulating activities that go on.
One such event this past weekend in Dundas was the Buskerfest – which is now recognised out of 4800 events in Ontario as one of the top 50 to visit, a job well done by the local business association.
Seeing the various acts during the weekend caused me to reflect on the hard work and dedication that these performers put in to EVERY show. I am sure their driving force is the love and passion for what they do, but knowing that your income is directly related to the customer experience is certainly a stark reminder to us all.
Many an individual and business could take a lesson from the buskers the next time that they are dealing with a customer. We all have the final say in our choices and sometimes we should be a little more determining in our selections.

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