Lead, Be Free, Find Success at Work


If you feel like a square peg in a round hole at the office, like the person who believes collaboration will lead to more success than competition, like people and passion come before transactions, and that your experience at the office can be different, then keep reading.

I’ve been invited to join an amazing lineup of experts who have come together to share their knowledge and strategies for how work can be done differently – both for you as an individual and for your company.

The Corporate Rebel Series is free interview training series for professionals who want to lead, be free, and find success at work – all at the same time.

It all kicks off tomorrow (June 15th) And guess what? (This is the awesome part!)

It’s free to join. Grab your spot here. 

This training series is for you if…..

• You feel like the odd one, the square peg, the maverick in your office, the one who asks the “interesting” questions and sees creative and unique possibilities.

• You want to put work back on your terms.

• You want to bring your gifts and your best self to the office everyday (rather than the burned out and crabby you).

• You want to show up as a leader in your work and life regardless of whether you sit in a cube or the corner office.

• You want to take charge of your career and your success rather than leaving it to your boss or your next performance review.

• You know there are new ways to work and you need some ideas to make your office a place you enjoy going every day.

Freud is known to have said: “Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness.” And when asked what’s more important? He said: “And”.

That’s where The Corporate Rebel Series comes in.

This training series features 25 experts to teach you everything from mindfulness at the office to executive presence to leading from your core values to finding your true passions (and more).

You will be transformed by this event.

Discover tips, insights and strategies that will show you how to:

• Master executive presence

• Discover the work you were born to do

• Invite your best self to lead your career according to your values and on your terms.

• Create success for yourself.

• Make your workplace a place you want to be every day.

• Talk to your boss so you get what you want.

The line up of speakers includes international experts, best selling authors, the founders of international leadership training programs, and executive coaches who know a thing or two about developing leaders.

If you’ve been waiting for permission to let your creativity and true self lead at work, wait no longer. The Corporate Rebel Series is here!

Grab your F*R*E*E* spot here . You’ll be glad you did.

See you on the inside.

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