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“5 Steps To Boosting Your Brand on LinkedIn – TODAY!”

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LinkedIn is THE network out there for professionals. Here is why;

  • There are over 400 million profiles on LinkedIn.
  • 2 new people are joining LinkedIn EVERY SECOND – thats over 170,000 a day!!
  • More than 80% of LinkedIn users are decision makers in their business.
  • LinkedIn reaches to over 200 countries.

Since it launched back in 2003, LinkedIn has undergone a huge change from a basic resume posting and careers website with just a few thousand users to THE global lead generation and networking powerhouse and now a publishing platform for thought leadership and sharing of latest information. Employees are now even using it to network INTERNALLY!

This is a network you cannot afford to ignore.

Many of the professionals, executives and entrepreneurs I have worked with are still using LinkedIn for not much more than an online résumé or at best a static brochure – here’s where I went to school, here’s where I’ve worked, here’s some awards I’ve won, here’s what I do…….Don’t worry if that is you, because I was doing exactly the same thing with my profile!

What I realised was that a basic profile was potentially brand damaging because it had;

  • been hastily created when you signed up on LinkedIn but lacks depth. It is still what LinkedIn calls ‘Beginner’ status.
  • not been updated or shows activity because you are busy. You are not on LinkedIn every day like Facebook.
  • looked the same as all the others who do what you do. Being the same does not differentiate you.
  • not captured the attention of companies, hiring managers and recruiters.  Without engagement they scan and then move on – quickly.
  • not told your story or showcased your talents. It is failing to attract the people you want so you dismiss it as being a waste of your time.

So where do you start?

There are 22 key areas on your LinkedIn profile that you can edit and brand to stand out. In fact a fully branded LinkedIn profile can increase opportunities by up to 40 times according to LinkedIn.

This FREE report will cover 5 of the top steps to take to start getting more of those opportunities.  

In This 100% FREE Brand Booster Report You’ll Discover…

  • What works best when it comes to that all important LinkedIn profile picture.
  • How to see your LinkedIn profile appear on Page 1 of Google when someone searches your name.
  • What the #1 mistake people are making with LinkedIn profiles and how to stop doing it.
  • and much more………

Heres what some others have said:

“Oh my goodness – this email from you is amazing and has invaluable information! Thank you, I appreciate any feedback I can get. I am so glad we connected yesterday.”

“Thank you very much for your notes. I will be taking some time in the next day or so to make upgrades to my profile.”

“Thank you for taking the time to review my account and providing the great feedback. You have given me a lot of things to consider as my profile is very minimal at this time. Lots of room for improvement.”

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