3 Must Use Features Inside LinkedIn to Raise Your Personal Brand Visibility

Since the re-launch of its user interface, LinkedIn has been regularly rolling out new features and add on’s to the platform that really helps with increasing engagement and networking, and for LinkedIn’s goal, of keeping users on the platform for longer.

Many of these features may not surprise you because you have had the benefit of them on other social networks like Facebook for a while.

LinkedIn is often late to the party, but now they are here make the most of them as your build your professional presence.

Here are three features that you want to be sure you are using to increase your enjoyment of LinkedIn and help you to build a stronger more visible personal brand.

1.Native Video

Only available on the LinkedIn mobile app for now but promised to come to the desktop, you can finally upload your own videos. This can be using your own phone to record a new video, or if you use another video app post that video to your news feed.

Video is not going away and it is becoming more and more common as the form of communication and consumption. I used to say to clients if they did not like being in front of the camera to find a different medium. I don’t think that can apply anymore. You have to get comfortable with it, practice, practice, practice and then do it!

Read more about it here on LinkedIn’s New Features blog post

2. Active Status

Professionals do not spend as much time on LinkedIn as they do other social networks. But it would be great to know when they are there, wouldn’t it? And then you could have the opportunity to initiate a conversation.

Now when you look at someone’s profile you will see a green circle next to their profile picture. A solid green circle means they are online and a green circle with white in the middle means they are on mobile and will get a notification if you message them.

There are even settings you can make to your own profile to control when people can see your availability.

This is a great tool to be used to build relationships, gain introductions and reach out to help others.

Read more about it here on LinkedIn’s New Features blog post

3. Public Posts

Previously posts and updates were a little like ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’. Now you have the option to extend the reach of your posts beyond the LinkedIn platform, so members who are logged out can see them elsewhere or even guests or non-LinkedIn users can.

You can also control whether to accept comments on a post, upload multiple images and even get input on a draft before you go live.

Producing content helps to raise your profile and position you as an expert in your field.

Read more about making your posts public and other settings on the LinkedIn blog

Personal brand building and developing is a constant task, having tools like this in your professional realm will help to make life a little easier as well as increase your reach and influence.

This bonus article is an add on to a series looking at useful apps that can help you with your use of Linkedin.

Previous posts looked at plugins and apps to use outside of LinkedIn.

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NOTE: LinkedIn have been addressing the use of certain data scraping tools and updated their terms and conditions recently including this statement under LinkedIn Dont’s;

Develop or support software, devices, scripts, robots or any other means or processes to scrape our Services or otherwise copy profiles and other data from our Services.

Certain plugins and extensions may violate LinkedIn’s terms and conditions of use. As such you should always check if the tool you are going to use adheres to their policy. Read full policies by clicking here – LinkedIn User Agreement

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