Linkedin’s Pinch, Punch First Day of the Month

Growing up in England it was considered bad luck if you did not go running around doing “Pinch, Punch first day of the Month” on the first day of every month, the bad luck was more in the form of bruised arms because once you did it to someone they could not do it back to you.

“Pinch, Punch first day of the Month” involves pinching and then punching the other person’s upper arm whilst reciting the phrase. Often that person would try to come back with one of the witty responses such as “Punch and a Kick for being so quick” or “Punch in the eye for being so sly” but really as long as you were quick off the mark then you tended to come out on top.

Similar can be said for your LinkedIn account. If you are spending any time engaged on the platform and building a valuable network you will be very disappointed if LinkedIn changed the rules of your being able to access that network, or worse they disappeared all together.

A good habit to get into is to once a month request a download of your LinkedIn data. LinkedIn makes this very easy for you and you can even select which elements of your LinkedIn account you ask for;

  • Articles
  • Connections
  • Imported contacts
  • Messages
  • Invitations
  • Recommendations
  • Registration
  • Rich media
  • even your Profile

The key data is of course your connections, you may not have them anywhere else, so getting an up to date file of these once a month is well worth the 5 seconds it takes. Use this link to do that BUT, please do not take that list and add it to your newsletter or any other mailing list, it is both illegal and highly annoying!

One other thing to do each month is to check your SSI Score – I wrote a blog post about that here –…

LINKEDIN ACTION STEP – Don’r rely on someone coming up to on the first of each month to pinch and punch you, set a reminder in your calendar or task app and be sure to do both the data download and check your SSI score every month.

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