It’s Time to Share Your LinkedIn Updates With the World

Often, for a variety of reasons, the updates that you post on LinkedIn do not get seen by your network or by others you are not connected to. Sometimes you feel that it would be great if that useful link or report you shared went further and reached people outside of the platform.

The good news is that is now possible. You can choose to either have your updates seen by just your connections on Linkedin, or Public, which now means people on or off the LinkedIn platform, which may mean you start to see some of your updates on Google and other search engines.

Here is a quick video to show you how – How to Share Your Linkedin Updates With the World

And here is LinkedIn’s full explanation;

Previously, sharing a post to Public on LinkedIn meant that anyone logged into their LinkedIn account is able to see it. Beginning in July 2017, you can now choose to make it truly public, to anyone on and off LinkedIn. This means that even people who are not logged into LinkedIn can see your post. Sharing publicly in this way allows your post to reach more people.
This Public setting for posts on and off Linkedin is only available for posts created on LinkedIn desktop, and the iOS and Android mobile apps. To take advantage of this setting, please make sure that your mobile app is updated to version 9.7.6490 on iOS and version 0.140.89 on Android. Posts created on other LinkedIn sharing platforms, such as InShare and Elevate, that use the Public setting will continue to be visible only to those logged into LinkedIn.
Note:You won’t be able to change the visibility of a post that was shared before this feature was introduced, including the re-share of such a post.

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