Live Long and Prosper

Leonard Nimoy passing earlier today made me think that we have less and less opportunities now to be present and experience in the moment something live and new, and ‘prosper’ for it.


I don’t know anyone from my childhood that did not watch Star Trek. We were not necessarily one of the die hard Trekkkies, but the weekly ritual of sitting and watching the latest episode was one we would not miss.

And life was terrible if we did miss it because we never knew when it would be repeated.

Of course with streaming TV now we can watch what we like, when we like. Nothing is ever missed. The launch of Season 3 on Netflix of House of Cards will see many people spending an entire weekend watching it. Binge watching is the new norm.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the fact that I can catch up on missed programs or check out a new recommended series without having to check my calendar or give up on other more important things in my life. For me streaming TV has become liberating, not debilitating.

But sometimes having the live, in the moment experience is hard to beat. The childlike excitement I used to enjoy when a new episode was starting is harder and harder to find. When we get them we need to really slow down, smell the roses and enjoy it.

And when you are thinking of representing your personal brand in a distinctive way that is memorable, how about finding something like that defining split finger hand salute that became a personal brand symbol for him. Where do we see a distinctive visual display like that now?

“LLAP – Live Long and Prosper and be brandtastic!”

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