Lost touch? – how to get your networking started again

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One of the most common pitfalls I see with networking is not doing it. So often I will be sitting down with a client and talking about who they know and a guilty look comes over their face;

"Oh I haven't been in touch with that person for ages." or

"The last time I spoke to them was when I was job hunting the last time." or

"We used to work side by side but she moved offices and I never kept in touch. "

Obviously the first piece of advice is never to let that happen. Keith Ferrazzi advises that you categorise everyone in your network, it can be as simple as:

A – someone who is a key part in helping you achieve current career / business goals. Be in touch (or ping them as he calls it)  every 4-6 weeks.

B- someone who is good to know and will likely have an effect on your mid term career / business plans. Be in touch every 3 months.

C – someone in your network who you do not see being in your plans for the forseeable future. Connect once or twice a year.

Its always hard to make contact again. Here are three quick tips from the Harvard Business Review to get the ball rolling. 3 Steps for Getting Back in Touch.  and if we are not connected yet on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter go to my recent post and lets get that done too!

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