Make a commitment – however small, but do it.


Last week I spent a very worthwhile and enjoyable two days at the first Women in Leadership Conference put on by Ildi Wiley of Results Continuum. The keynote speaker was Arlene Dickinson from Dragons Den, who shared her inspiring story of where she came from and how she built her company. I also presented with good friend and personal brnad colleague Valerie Sokolosky and had the chance to meet in person for the first time good friend and another personal brand strategist colleague Rachel Gogos. We really had fun presenting and even had people labelling us as the Guru and the the Grandma!

One of the regular themes I heard throughout the conference was making a commitment to implement something you learnt and an exercise we got participants to do was commit to taking one step forward with the development of their personal brands. What was refereshing in their responses was not trying to set lofty expectations or unrealistic targets, but finding something that is workable in to an already busy life and committing to taking steps to get it done.

Think about this for your own personal brand development:

What one thing might be a more obvious step or action, but you have yet to take it ?

What one action can you take today to move toward the successful completion of that action?

What step will you take tomorrow?

Make that commitment, take small steps each day and it will get done.

1 thought on “Make a commitment – however small, but do it.”

  1. Lao Tzu said it best: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”
    One can apply this concept by using Google Calendar to schedule in that one step, and to add it to our Google Task list — greatly increasing our effectiveness, though as you know, one can use any scheduling and time management software program…and no, I do not own Google stock 🙂

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