How to Make Things Happen for You on LinkedIn

I was recently asked by Natalie  – “How active should I be on LinkedIn?”

It will depend on what your intentions and expectations of the platform are. It can reasonably be assumed that you are there to network to some degree, so the key is activity, consistent activity.

It would be helpful to start with knowing where you currently stand with a few basic measurements so that you can remeasure later and find out what is working and what might need to change based on your goals.

Measure the following each week;

  • Number of new connections
  • Running 90 day total of profile views
  • Number of actions taken
  • Engagement – Likes, Shares & Comments
  • Check your Social Selling Index score…

Consistent small actions each day will ensure that you build your network and make it manageable. Realistically for most busy professionals 5-15 minutes per day. is doable, anything more than that and it starts to become a challenge.

Pick a time of the day that you are going to dedicate to this. Active times on LinkedIn tend to be before work, lunchtimes and after work.

Using the acronym MANAGE, look to spend about 1 minute on each section each day. That may mean doing just one of the actions per day under each heading and rotating them.

M – Messages – who has reached out to connect or message you? Respond in a timely manner.

A – Associate – who are you already connected to that you can reach out to or connect to someone else?

N – New connections – make contact with new connections and look at ‘target’ profiles.

A – Attention – who has looked at your profile? Ask how you can help.

G – Give – Like, Comment and Share other peoples content

E – Exposure – post an update, ideally each weekday.

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