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I had just finished reading Mitch Joel's new book before coming to his talk at The Art of Management recently, so was very pumped to see him present. He and I had the opportunity of meeting a few years ago in Montreal and have kept in touch , particularly around the subject of personal branding. Here are some of his thoughts:

Compared to 2007, banner ads are being clicked on 50% less and all clicks are being done by 8% of the internet population.

40% of all mothers in the US are on MySpace.

81% of online holiday shoppers read online customer reviews.

Half of the You Tube audience is over the age of 34.

10% of media spend is now online.

Six Points of Separation – why get involved online?

  1. Accept it
  2. Everything is 'with' NOT 'instead of'
  3. Don't be fleeting – build, share and grow
  4. Move toward 'open'
  5. It's attitudinal not generational.
  6. Upload a video to You Tube – do something now.

"It's group expression – the new world is volume of voice"

"It's no longer a case of should you get involved. First figure out the why, then worry about the what"

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