New Opportunity on LinkedIn to Showcase your Personal Brand

After LinkedIn made the change a couple of years ago to only showing the first few lines of what was the Summary section and is now called About, it really started to reduce the impact that section had on your profile and your personal brand. It left little opportunity to tell your story.

Well, some good news, you now have an opportunity to tell your story through something they are calling ‘Featured’

LinkedIn explains it as – “The Featured section allows you to showcase samples of your work to people who view your LinkedIn profile. This is a great way to provide evidence of your skills and experience.”

As you can see from my profile above, the two videos that were ‘almost hidden’ in my about section now really stand out and they appear above my Activity section. Although the downside is it really does dimish the About section even more as you can see above them.

You are not limited to what you have in your About section though. You can also share posts, articles, external videos, slide presentations, documents etc. Check out what I have been adding to my profile as I play around with it –

You are not limited to the number of featured items but usually, only the first two will show fully. The good news is you can move them around to the order you want.

I see this as a section you are going to want to be changing up on a fairly regular basis depending on the goals you have for using LinkedIn.

As with most LinkedIn features it is on a roll-out basis so you may not have it yet, but that should not stop you from starting to take the time to think about what the first few featured items should be on your profile.

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