Oh Canada…..Eh???!!!!!

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Its been a while since I updated, still getting my head around what I am doing with this blog and not got in to the habit of posting. Will make a belated resolution to provide more regular postings.
Read a great blog last night at www.milliondollarcoachingpractice.com, Chris Barrow is both interesting and inspiring – a site and a blog I shall be revisiting for sure.

I am now well in to the Personal Branding certification with William Arruda at www.reachcc.com and it really is starting to become much clearer for me and that will only help when I start to use the 1-2-3-Success process with coaching clients – I am getting very excited about the potential that this will give everyone in their careers and lives.

January 22nd 2004 was a fantastic day for me – I became a Canadian citizen. I figured that if Canada is going to be my home I want to be able to have a say in the direction it goes and what type of country it might be for my children. The whole family came to the ceremony and made the day even more special and we celebrated in style at a Canadian restaurant which is my sons favourite – Kelseys – he can spot the logo from 500 yards – he is becoming a brand nut at the tender age of 3.11!!!!

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