Oh Doctor I’m in Trouble…….

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We have moved home recently to a wonderful part of Ontario that gives us access to many of the outside activities that we love.

However one of the inconveniences when moving is changing Doctors. It took us over 6 months to finally get an appointment in town with a doctor who was taking new patients.

Whilst we were in the waiting room a couple came in with a 4 day old baby girl – their first. Naturally we ooooed and aahhed and then told them all our battle weary stories of having two young children, you would not change it for the world, but sometimes……

It made me reflect for a moment on how quickly they grow, it seemed like just yesterday that our own daughter was that size – two weeks ago she turned one year old.

Taking greater control of my own career through the development of Square Peg has enabled me to see her growth, much more than I believe I would have otherwise. Now I want to be there as my children make
those future decisions too.

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