Pac Man to Appear at Winter Olympics

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Yesterday saw the launch of the official logo for the 2010 Winter Olympics that will be held in Vancouver. There is already controversy over the use and design of the logo.

See the logo Winter 2010

Even the head of the Olympic committee felt it reminded him of a hockey goalie – which I am sure was not the intention.

Here is the official description
A uniquely Canadian symbol of friendship, hospitality, strength, teamwork and the vast Canadian landscape has been selected as the emblem for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

The Vancouver 2010 emblem is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional inukshuk, a stone sculpture used by Canada's Inuit people as directional landmarks across the northern Canadian lands of snow and ice. Over time, the inukshuk has become a representation of hope, friendship and an external expression of the hospitality of a nation that warmly welcomes the people of the world with open arms.

I think it is a great symbol to choose – the design may look a little like Pac Man but the intent is clear and a great representation of Canada as a country and a people.

Its one of the main reasons I picked the innukshuk as the symbol and name for my newsletter – as a guide in the right direction.

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Innukshuk – a guide for the right direction

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