Personal Brand – Is it about to change?

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Obama It is interesting to note that as something becomes more popular and many more people talk, write and with technology now everything else online about it that debate about it's pros and cons escalate. Obama versus Hilary and then Obama versus McCain a case in point.

So is the case with personal branding. When I first started over 5 years ago looking at the subject there was very little out there – certainly on the web – save for Tom Peters article – Brand You – a few books and William Arruda over at Reach, whom I connected with very early on and got involved in his first ever certification program.

Now never a day goes by without the term coming up multiple times on Google alerts, Twitter, etc etc.

When I talk to a prospective client for personal branding I want them to make an informed choice, it is certainly not for everyone and so they should weigh up the pros and cons of personal branding. That is why I liked the current debate going on prompted by an initial post over at Buzz Bin by Geoff Livingston – I Don't Care About Your Personal Brand and then a thoughtful post by Mitch Joel over at Twist Image – Why You Need To Care More About Your Personal Brand. both posts have prompted a lively continuing conversation and debate.

The events of this week have highlighted that lively debate about opposing views stimulates greater engagement and involvement and that makes us all a little more informed, whether you think you are a brand, or not. Thanks Geoff and Mitch for the conversation.

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