Personal Branding is an Uphill Climb

Take the Stairs

When you walk in to the lobby of a tall office building, often you will see the sign for the stairs. But does that sign say enough to make you ignore the elevators and walk the stairs?

Unless you are still sticking to a new years resolution chances are no!

But if you saw the sign above, chances are by over 35%, that you would. Even 9 months after the sign was first posted. This is what researchers in New York found after placing a few of these around the city. 

So if something that simple can cause that type of re-action and continued action, what can you be saying about yourself that might get the same result? 

One immediately obvious place would be your business card. 

Rather than say Accountant. What re-action might you get if it were to say – Honest assessment. Accurate results – Accountant? 

Or better still, include one of your emotional attributes.

Honest assessment. Accurate results. Fun approach. – Accountant. 

When communicating your personal brand it's important to reflect the real you, after all it's going to be the reason why people want to hire you, work with you and for you. The fact you can perform great tax returns is a given. If you have a little fun too – that's the difference. 

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