Personal Branding Is Snow Joke

This past weekend saw the kids first ski lesson of the season. We were all prepared, everything was laid out ready. Boots, gloves, helmets, ski's, poles, jackets, pants……only one thing was not – SNOW!

In fact the weather has been so unpredictable that even the picture above is last years! Global warming suggests that we might have to be looking further afield in the future for guaranteed winter! 

But we still set off for the local ski hill and with big smiles the kids spent several hours learning how to traverse on skis with zero base and white stuff that more resembled my holiday martini than something to move through quickly!

This change in conditions could be exactly what you are going to be facing at your organization over the next few months as we face a year that at least is going to be a little slushy!!

So what can you be doing with your personal brand in the first few weeks to stay upright and heading in the right direction?

1. Stay positive – be sure that you remain very true to your core personal brand foundation – values and passions in particular are the things that will steer you morally and keep you engaged.

2.  Be ready – conditions will not always be as you expect, no matter how prepared you are. As long as you have all the right tools AND attitude you are still going to perform well enough to get you through to better conditions. 

3. Embrace change – this is going to be the new normal for sometime. You have to anticipate how this is going to effect your particular voacation, industry and company. What new skills and approaches are you going to need to survive and start working on them now. 


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