Do you have a personal brand day?

‘We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.’ – Sir Winston Churchill

In my personal brand consulting with clients I often recommend that they pick a day that means something to their brand and that they can use to make contact with their network at least once a year.  I usually advise them not to pick the usual days that everyone else does like Christmas or Thanksgiving because it is hard to stand out.

Watch my video that I posted on St Patricks Day “What day do you have that is synonymous with your personal brand?  by clicking here or on the image

However this coming weekend I will celebrate another tradition that was new to me when I arrived in Canada – Thanksgiving. The closest tradition would probably be the Harvest Festival in the UK – a celebration
for the harvest and the hope that winter is kind. something that I always hope here too!

Let’s all be a little more thankful for what we have this Thanksgiving and remember to give a little more in the coming months to those less fortunate.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!

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