Please, Please, Please – Unsunscribe – Ass Hole!

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My latest weekly newsletter went out today and I received a slightly amusing request to myself to subscribe – except someone had entered my e-mail address and changed my name to Ass Hole!

Obviously someone out there does not want to receive my newsletter anymore and has gone a long way about making a point, I assume for their own and a little bit of my amusement – it brightened up my morning, thanks.

At the start of each newsletter I make a point of asking people who do not want to receive the newsletter to click the Unsubscribe at the bottom – one click and I never write to you again – simple. I hope they have taken the time to Unsubscribe because I have no way of knowing who they are unless they tell me!

Its probably something that I would have done a few years ago when I had more time, did not have a direction for myself and lacked an avenue for my creativity. Now I realise that there is just way too much to do in the positive than to use energy in a negative outburst.

The great thing about the Unsubscribe is that it confirms my marketing is working – i.e. it is eliminating those that do not want my services and brings me closer to working with those that do.

Ironically this quote came through my in box this morning as well – very timely

"The grudge you hold on to is like a hot coal that you intend to throw at someone, but you're the one who gets burned" – Siddhartha Gautama, founder of Buddhism.

Have a great day Ass Hole!

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