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180pxgeneweingarten This is Gene Weingarten – journalist for the Washington Post and author of a recent article "The Joys of Writing Your Own Wiki-Bio" (see Wiki Watchee – free subscription required).

There has been some recent 'exposes' about the validity of information contained on Wikipedia – the free online encyclopedia and Fuzzy Zoeller the golfer has just launched a defamation law suit against a company who's employee used their computers to allegedely add information about Zoeller that he claims is untrue.

Wikipedia may not be the place that you want to post your profile as part of your online career marketing and building your personal brand (although you can certainly have some fun like Weingarten did – see the changes he made here).

However its important for you to be tracking what is being said about you online – according to one survey executive recruiters are rejecting 35% of candidates that they find online based purely on what else they discover about them through the internet

At the very least you should be looking to have your profile on one of the main social networking sites such as LinkedIn or Ryze – take a look at The Virtual Handshake for which network might be best for you.

Or you can post one on Wikipedia, just don't claim too much in case it comes back to haunt you!

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