Reflections of a Retreat

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"No matter what the level of your ability, you have more potential than
you can ever develop in a lifetime." – James T. McCay

Last week I returned from my retreat up north, a few days spent a long way up -over 500 kms north of Toronto. I spent some of the time relaxing with family and friends, a great cottage on the Montreal River and then some time away each day to write my vision for the next 3 years, plan next years calendar and then set budgets for next year.

I was surprised to some extent how much flowed very readily, I think it was because I had already been thinking about the process and my vision for some time and the other is that I was away from voicemail. no internet connection and the cell phone hardly worked either.

The focus was strong and I am pleased with the results – I achieved all I set out to do and now have a very renewed passion for all that I am doing now and where that will lead going forward.

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