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Welcome to the REI Branded podcast


If you are looking to build your real estate investing business, reach more people, and stand out from the competition you are in the right place. 

My name is Paul Copcutt and every day I work with busy real estate investors like you, who want to stand out from the crowd and attract more of the right business opportunities without having to attend all the networking events, Zoom meetings, be glued to social media or feel too salsey. I love figuring out the latest strategies, hacks, and ideas that help them do that. 


And I want to share with you what works and what doesn’t – that’s why this show is for you. 


It’s about marketing your real estate investing business but from a brand perspective. Because marketing is how you get their attention BUT branding is why they choose you. 

On the REI Branded podcast, we look to decode and uncover what makes a real estate investor ‘brandtastic’ and how you can apply it to your own real estate investing business to attract the right leads, right partners, and right clients – every time.

And it’s not just going to be theory. We will be talking to and learning from successful real estate investors, like the client who was able to go from a limited presence to building a brand that is instantly known and a business that helped her quit her 9-5 job in a little over 3 years. We will see what they are doing to build their REI Brands and Business and understand what’s working and what’s not.


We will talk about ideas, share resources, strategies and tactics both online and offline to help not only showcase your brand but make it the one that people want to follow, like and ultimately do business with. 

Other marketing and brand experts will join me from time to time to look at what else it takes in building a real estate investing business and what you need to make it successful and achieve the results you want. 

I know as a busy real estate investor you want to take action. So this show is not going to be heavy on the theory or involve complicated steps or systems. Each episode is intended to be valuable, cut to the chase and actionable so you can begin to implement quickly and easily to get the results you want in your business.

Episodes will be coming out every week so you will have a regular nudge to take consistent action – one of the pillars of a strong brand. 

Ultimately the show is here to help you get clear about what you do, what you stand for and who you do it for so you can get noticed by more of the right people who want to do business with you. 

I want to help you become brandtastic. 

So if you have an established real estate investing business and want ideas to get your brand in front of more people or you are a newer real estate investor and want to know what others are doing and what’s working then this show is for you. 

Is being brandtastic easy? No. But my intention is to help make things for you a little clearer and actionable. 

I encourage you to dive in, get listening and if you like what you hear be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. 

Thank you for your interest and let’s get to work on making YOU brandtastic.

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