Review Your Year With No Fear – Lesson 1

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How do you feel at this time of year when people start to talk about new year’s resolutions?

– Fearful, because you know that this year’s one fell by the wayside mid-January.

- Excited , because it gives you a chance to kick off the year with a flourish.

- Resentful, because you are going to feel pushed in to committing to something.

Regardless of the emotions that come up, one thing is certain, setting, reviewing and keeping accountable to goals, resolutions or commitments significantly increases the chances of being successful with them.

But one of the barriers to having a successful year is spending too much time looking back, either hoping for similar success or regretting shortfalls. The first thing you need to do to be successful next year is remember fully this year and then be complete with it AND accepting that what ever you come up with, that you are okay with that, you cannot change it, but you can certainly take those lessons in to next year with renewed awareness and focus. That is the goal of the “Review Your Year With No Fear” program – remembering and completing this year.

So to start off your “Review Your Year With No Fear” what ONE word sums up this past year for you?

When I posed this question here on this blog recently,

and also on my Facebook page a number of words came up, including;




see what others have said, even add your own there too.

If you are interested in joining the "Review Your Year With No Fear" program its not too late, Lesson 1 has just been sent out. E-mail me – paul @ and I will add you to the distribution list and send you the first lesson – a little post turkey reading perhaps!

I will also be adding further thoughts on the subject as I review my own year and then also plan for 2011.




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