Review Your Year With No Fear – Lesson 2

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After the expected over indulgence of the last few days, a brisk walk in the cold winter air seemed like a good idea. But my son was a little reluctant (read adamant not to go), the new computer game beckoned. Eventually he came and had a blast, outdoor therapy was needed by all. When we were walking back he asked;

"Could I play my new computer game for a while when we get back?"

Before I could answer, one way or the other, he added;

"But I fully understand if you say no, because earlier my behaviour was not good and I know that may not warrant my enjoying my game again today!"

I was quite take aback, gave him a big hug and thanked him for both his honesty and his personal accountability – I told him it was a special QBQ moment for me.

One of the books that had a major impact on me this year is John Millers – QBQ – The Question Behind The Question , a book all about personal accountability. Instead of asking the questions like “Who dropped the ball on that project?” or “Why do we never have the resources to do this?” – the approach challenges you to ask the next question – “What can I do to contribute?” or “How can I help solve the problem?” – this can apply not just in the workplace but generally in our lives.

Check out John's other new great book Outstanding.

As I have already said, to be successful next year is first remember fully this year and then be complete with it AND part of that is accepting personal accountability for all of its results and outcomes.

If you are interested in joining the "Review Your Year With No Fear" program its not too late, Lesson 2 has just been sent out. E-mail me – paul @ and I will add you to the distribution list and send you the first two lessons – a little personal indulgence of the less fattening kind!

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