Rub a Dub Dub Are You in the Salary Tub?

Either as a child or parent, or both, you probably remember the ancient nursery rhyme;

Three men in a tub.
And who do you think they were?
The butcher, the baker,
The candlestick-maker.
They all sailed out to sea,
That was enough to make a man stare.

Perhaps these three men were the leading professionals of their time, many of the well paid and in demand jobs of that time would have been in the making or products.

The in-demand roles have changed over the years, with the leading ones turning to the accredited professions, Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, etc. The latest LinkedIn Salary Survey of the highest paid jobs seems to bear that out if you add technology to the mix.

Of the top 20 highest paying jobs twelve were Doctor/Medical roles, three were Law/Tax, and three were Engineering/Software related. The remaining two were Marketing focused.

Whether you are in that top 20 or not, the chances are that given the right circumstances you are open to hearing about new opportunities. In fact, a LinkedIn Talent Survey from last year found that 90% of the 33,000 professionals they surveyed confirmed that and 36% of them were actively looking.

That means there is competition out there. That requires you to be on the MOVE with your career development in the following ways;

1. Mindset

Understand that a ‘job for life’ rarely exists anymore. While you may be fully engaged with your current role that may not last forever. Do not close your mind to that next approach that someone makes to you, be ready to at least listen.

2. Open

Be open to changing organizations or even switching jobs. There are many cross-over roles and industries now that never were considered even ten years ago. Retraining every decade could be the work life of the future.

3. Value

Appreciate and recognize the value you bring to the table. Never underestimate what you do for others, often the things that you do so naturally and so well are the value others see in you, yet you would dismiss it as just what you do.

4. Explore

There is a wealth of information out there that can help you in understanding what companies are looking for, what qualifications are required and what skills you might need to add. Find others who have made a move similar to what you might be seeking to do and ask them how they did it. They may even help you.

Regardless of what the highest paying jobs will be this year or in five years, the key is being proactive with your career management, so you find work you love and it makes a difference.

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