There are a number of outputs that can result from out 1:1 consulting and this is all driven by your specific situation. Start by clicking the button in the top right hand corner to book a Discovery Call and let’s start the conversation.


Personal Brand Self Assessment – measures the highest and best use of your personal  brand. This  is the first science-based assessment for your personality brand.After answering  28 short  questions, you’ll immediately receive your in-depth customized results.

360 Cert

Personal Brand 360 Assessment – The first and leading web-based personal brand    assessment that helps you get the real story  about how you are perceived by those around    you.


Branded Bio – is a bio written in the first or third person that specifically highlights you  unique attributes and skills and can be used in a variety of formats including for LinkedIn  summaries, sites or biography on your own or corporate web site or blog.


Elevator Pitch – a number of varieties and options will be created for you to use not just in  an  elevator, but also at networking events, in your marketing materials and for others to  remember you and introduce you.


Social Media Profiles – the best social media are determined relevant to your personal brand and the people you are trying to reach. Profiles are then created and an action plan produced for ongoing populating and activity.


Resume – your current resume is reviewed and either edited or re-written. Our approach is much more about using this as a custom document for specific roles and not a catch all career marketing document.


Executive Summary – this is a one page summary of who you, what you do, who for and why they should care. This can be used as part of your marketing materials online as a web page or off line as an introduction document.


Website/Blog Plan – We will review a current blog or website and produce recommended  changes and actions. If you do not have a website we determine for you which would be the  best platform and approach and then produce a recommended page content plan.


Brag Sheet – This is unique career or business marketing piece developed by Paul Copcutt to  help position your strengths in the form of stories describing measurable results and impact.  With testimonials and presented with a Branded Bio it becomes a powerful 1-2 combination.


Target Audience – Trying to be something to everyone will leave you with nothing. You have  to be focused.  Building out a very clear demographic and psychographic picture of who you  are trying to reach and influence will ensure time and resources are maximised.


Communications Plan – the world is a noisy place and our attention spans are apparently  now  less than those of a goldfish!  That makes having a clear, defined and ready to execute  communications plan critical to your brands message and understanding.


Personal Brand Blueprint – Capturing all of your personal brand elements in one  document will enable you to share with others you are working with, brief designers and  suppliers and help you ensure that you remain on brand as you purposefully live your brand.

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