Inukshuk – Insight & Implement

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Inukshuk – Insight & Implement

1. Pre-call questions regarding current situation.

2. Pre-call personal brand self-assessment to be completed and report produced.

3. 60 minute interview call to review answers, report and understand current personal brand and future aspirations.

4. 360 personal brand assessment to gather others perceptions of your personal brand.

5. 60 minute call to review the results of the two personal brand assessments.

6. Review of current online and 0ff-line brand.

7.  60 minute session to gain Paul’s insights in to your current brand position, actions to take and answer your questions.

8. 30 day e-mail support to answer any further questions.

A la carte options and branded LinkedIn profile are available for an extra cost.

Investment $1000 or two payments of $550 30 days apart.

Payment Options

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