Personal Brand Audit


Personal Brand Audit

This is a “Can I Pick Your Brain?” package with a unique extra – analysis of a 360 personal brand assessment that gathers others peoples perceptions of your personal brand.

When you are being considered for the next promotion, new job, great project or new piece of business the people making those decisions as to wether its you or someone else are looking for key attributes and skills.  There will a set of those, what we call rational, that you and any other shortlisted people will possess. They are what we call the table stakes, they get you in the game, they get you considered BUT they do not get you that promotion, job, project or new business. What does are your unique emotional differentiators. The reasons why someone wants to work with you, for you or hire you.

“After trying the 360 Reach tool to get feedback on my brand, I engaged Paul to help me interpret it, and he added a great deal of value to what I could do myself. I highly recommend both the process and his consulting. It truly helped me.” – Steve Rosen – Chief Financial Officer

“I worked with Paul years ago, literally, YEARS AGO, on a personal branding strategy. After sending a questionnaire to my colleagues, friends, associates, even family and receiving that data Paul did an incredible analysis to help me identify clearly my strengths and areas to improve. He also helped me understand how my clients and colleagues saw me, which in my case was quite different than my self perception at the time! The report AND coaching from Paul are still delivering for me as I continue to hone my brand and expand my business! Bottomline, Paul has great analytical skills but also helps you take the data and make it work for you…even years down the road! “ – Nicole Bossard, President & Senior Consultant

With the Personal Brand Audit we first assess where your personal brand is right now. Then using specific personal brand assessments we help you identify what those unique emotional attributes and skills are AND then help you understand how and where you can use them to get you to the next level, get you noticed, get you hired.

The Personal Brand Audit covers;

1. Pre-call questions regarding current situation.

2. Pre-call personal brand self-assessment to be completed.

3. 360 personal brand assessment to gather others perceptions of your personal brand.

4. 60 minute 1:1 call to gain Paul’s insights in to your current brand position, discuss your future aspirations and then recommended next actions to continue to build and develop your personal brand. You will also be provided with a one page Personal Brand Summary report that captures your key attributes and skills that differentiate you.

5. 14 day e-mail support to answer any further questions.

Normal Investment $497


NOTE: This is a very limited offer in terms of time and numbers.

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