(S)He Blinded You with Poli-Science

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Watching the political drama unfold over the last week in the UK has made me a little homesick. But it also had a number of lessons for personal branding, do these apply to you?

  1. Say one thing and then later do another.

David Cameron was apparently asked during the campaigning what his favourite joke was. He said "Nick Clegg" – now he has formed a coalition government with the same person and made him Deputy Prime Minister.

2. Allow your values to be compromised for a bigger reward.

See #1 above – who compromised more – Cameron or Clegg? Both to me seemed to accept something less than they led people to believe.

3. Trying to be something you are not.

The former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown was socially at best awkward. All of a sudden though he was putting on some kind of false image, smiling, getting out and meeting the public more etc. It all came crashing down a week before the vote when he forgot a mike was still on and after meeting a challenging supporter called her 'biggotted' under his breath.

Check out an analysis of his gaffes that ultimately led to his downfall as both prime minister and leader in an excellent article by colleague

Sital Ruparelia – 6 Career Lessons for Us All

What else have you seen politicians do to their personal brands that perhaps would not be the ideal route to take?

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