Should you bother using hashtags on LinkedIn?

Just in case you are not familiar with hashtags, on social media you have likely noticed the # pound symbol with a word or words after it – that is a hashtag!

Their use is extremely popular on social media networks such as Instagram and Twitter, who’s own research suggests that using them can increase engagement for you by 2x and for a brand or company by 1.5x.

Previously when hashtags were rolled out by LinkedIn back in 2013 they were taken back because of low use.

But now the # is one of the most used keys on a keyboard or phone in particular.

And this is where LinkedIn is heading with the re-introduction of hashtags. It was actually part of a bigger announcement of improved content search on their mobile app.

They made the announcement via their blog this past week – you can read the full post here “Tap Into Professional Knowledge With Content Search at LinkedIn”.

With 59% of LinkedIn users now accessing the network via the mobile app they may think that the feature is not needed on desktop but i do hope they roll it out because many people, including myself, do a lot from the desktop version.

3 reasons you should be interested in #hashtags on LinkedIn 

  1. Helps you find content that is interesting to you and relevant to your industry, business, career etc.

  2. Enables you to find content that your network is interested in and that you can share with them and be seen as a valuable resource.
  3. See who else is interested in particular topics and then follow them or reach out and connect.

Take the time to do some research on the popular hashtags that are relevant to you. Here are 3 tools that can help you do that;

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