Slow and Steady Wins the Personal Brand Race

Growing up we had two tortoises, long before they were ever banned as pets.

When it came to pets they were hardly the most exciting, engaging pair but if they ever managed to escape from their pen it amazed me as to how quickly they were able to get to the garden fence and start burrowing out. When you first saw them slowly making their way to one side of the garden or the other you figured you had plenty of time to go outside and put them back.

Then, almost like the hare in Aesop’s fable, all of a sudden they were gone. 

Often in my presentations to employees and leaders, many of the participants understand the importance of personal branding, they know they have been neglecting their own brands and they want to do something about it. Yet they want it all to happen today! More like the hare than the tortoise, they want to win the race and they think a quick burst of energy and blasting off fast will get the winning result.

The people who I see have more success with their personal brands are those who follow the tortoise action plan. Small, steady steps, consistent action and commitment, with a focus on the goal. 

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Here are 7 (Tortoise) Steps to a Winning Personal Brand 

  1. Take Stock. Assess where your personal brand is right now, don’t try to judge or measure yourself against anyone else, just understand the starting point for your personal brand, right now. Not sure how to do that? Click here to download the Personal Brand Checklist – 20 Questions to Help Diagnose the Current State of Your Personal Brand
  2. Make Your Pick. Choose the step or action that you can most easily take. Don’t necessarily choose the one you feel has the biggest impact or is the most important, pick the one that is going to be easy for you to do and secure you a quick win.
  3. Take a Step. Decide what that step is going to look like. Determine how much time and resources it is going to take and plan that into your schedule.
  4. Do It! If you have committed it to your schedule then do it when you say you are going to do it. No second guessing or finding other things to fill your schedule. Your personal brand is important, make the time for it.
  5. Don’t Move On. Ensure you have completed your step or action to the fullest and best of your ability. No shiny objects, no stopping or giving up, finish the job.
  6. Next! Now you have the momentum, immediately commit yourself to the next step and action and book them into your plan.
  7. Slow & Steady. Do not expect immediate results, remember the tortoise, not the hare. If you are able to take small, consistent brand actions in a much shorter space of time than you think you will have made it. Not only to the fence but up and over (or under!) and into the next garden!

What is the one step or action you are going to take in the next week that will advance your personal brand?  Comment below and let me know and in a weeks time I will check in with you and see how you are doing.

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