What Does Headbanging, Coffee and Smartcars Have to do With Your Personal Brand?

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a fello Brit and entrepreneur James Burchill – The Side Hustle Coach for his You Tube channel. I have been a guest on several podcasts and local shows over the years and what I loved about James’ interview was how differently branded it was;

  • It took place in his car, a Smartcar (and yes he came up with in car videos way before Jerry Seinfeld and James Corden did!)
  • The interview was all about the guest
  • He had a fun segment up his sleeve (watch the video to find out! – click image below or click here or copy and paste https://youtu.be/V5Vm-4bITek ).

James is also continuing to evolve this series with each episode, one of my clients was interviewed a couple of weeks later and James had added more camera angles and shots, watch below or click here or copy and paste https://youtu.be/wCQNOqy40dA – And while you are there be sure to subscribe to James channel, lots of interesting and fun content.


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