So How Do You Think You Did?

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Happen_5 If you have ever come back home from an interview and been asked the question "So how did it go?" – are you able to clearly identify the parts of the interview that went well and those that you could have improved on?

Chances are, like many job candidates, interviews go past very quickly and you are lucky if you have the ability to recollect even half of what went on.

So what are the options to get some interview practice?

– In front of the mirror (be cautious, the family get quite concerned if they start hearing you have conversations with yourself in the bathroom)

– Recording yourself on video camera (don't upset your teenage son enough that they they end up posting it on YouTube)

– Asking a friend or colleague to ask you questions (can be a give away if you do this at your cubicle in your lunch hour)

– Getting a career coach to take you through the process (useful in terms that this is, in part, what they do for a living and are usually well versed in latest techniques and questions)

Now there is also the latest web technology available – The Virtual Interview – you can take a webcam and a PC and go to where you can set up a mock interview, even picking from over 1,000 interview questions, they are even split in to categories such as problem solving and teamwork. Six months access can be gained for just $19.95, with unlimited interviews.

Where this could be heading are a number of directions:

– Candidates sending links of their interview to prospective employers and recruiters, especially where geography makes an initial face to face meeting difficult

– Placing a link to your interview on your resume or in your cover letter

– Placing your interview link on your on line web portfolio, adding another dimension to your personal brand

– Employers and recruiters using this method to select candidates

– YouTube hacking in to the site and gaining content for the next 100 years!

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