So More Canadians Did This Than Watch the Superbowl

According to not completely scientific research by Google, more Canadians watched yesterdays Superbowl ads than the actual game.



And of course we are not talking about the Canadian ads that are overlayed on the US broadcast. Still the most watched event in the US each year the attraction to the ads seems to becoming more and more intense.  See what all the fuss was about – The Best & Worst Superbowl Ads 2014.

When you actually look back a few years well pre-1995, the cost of superbowl ads was increasing and their effectiveness was a given.  Then came along this thing called the internet and a few years later, if I remember correctly, the networks were struggling to fill slots and everyone was forecasting the demise of them.

This year the cost of a slot was $4 million! 

What brands have been able to do is leverage the power of the new mediums to get new eyes on their old way of communicating their message. Eyes that do not even necessarily watch the game!

As you consider where to spend your hard earned advertising dollars for your business, consider how you can leverage older mediums to connect to the online world and get more bag for your buck.

Have you done something like this?

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