So Where is the 4 Hour Workweek?

So just how indispensable do you think you are at work? Do you plan to take some vacation time this summer?

If the same numbers apply south of the border as they do here in Canada, according to two recent surveys by it would appear a high number of us feel we cannot even leave work to take a vacation – let alone need to stay connected if we do take a break.

In the first it was found that almost 1 in 5 workers (19%) will not be taking a vacation this summer because they do not want to come back to a nightmare workload. A further 16% will only be taking partial vacation – saying the 'guilt' of leaving work behind is too much.

64% of Canadians will be taking time off however, but according to the 2nd survey by – 37% say they will be using technology to check in with work periodically.

Some people pride themsleves on being available 24/7, I know a lawyer that reflects that as part of their personal brand on thier voicemail and although I have to admit that I will be one of those 37% over the next two weeks, whilst travelling around Ontario the laptop will be connected on occasion and cell phone will be on, I will be taking a leaf out of the 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss, the notes have already gone out saying I am away, e-mail will be on auto respond and voicemail will reflect my absence.

So what about you – are you switching off completely or checking out occasionally but staying switched on?

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3 thoughts on “So Where is the 4 Hour Workweek?”

  1. I think it’s hard to come back to hundreds of emails and people needing information or resources from you. Sometimes I feel it’s not worth it, but you also do need to get away and relax.

  2. Watch me switch off! The only thing I never switch off is the blog…lol! But work? Yeah, I can walk out. Indispensable? Yes, I am, thank you, because I’ve always made sure that things sail smoothly, enabling me to step away from the job and have some fun.

  3. Paul:
    My take is there is no such thing as indispensable. Besides, 24/7 isn’t the quality of life I’m seeking. From a performance standpoint, I think we all experience diminishing returns without a break.
    Would like to hear more about your progress on implementing the 4 hour workweek (once you’re back and have addressed the nightmare workload). Enjoy and catch you on the flip side!

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