Here’s What Paul Copcutt Unlimited Is All About

 Hey there! I’m Paul Copcutt, the founder of Paul Copcutt Unlimited, and if you ever asked yourself:

  •  “How can I understand what makes me unique?”
  •  “How can I persuade others to see that without bragging?”
  •  “How can I find work I love to do and have fun?”
  •  “How can I stand out from my competition?”
  •  “How can I know what others think of me?”
  •  “How can I communicate more of who I am in an authentic way?”

 Or if you’ve ever just needed someone else to do something (whether it’s talk about you, buy from you, refer people to you, hire you)…

…You’re in the RIGHT place!

After all “It’s up to you to own the definition of who you are. You can no longer rely on anyone else to do it for you” 

As one of the first people in North America who was speaking on the subject, over a decade ago, I have seen many changes with the whole ‘genre’ of personal branding. Some good, some bad and some, quite frankly very misleading.  But the quote above for me still rings true.

It all started on my first day at school as a 5 year old. 9 am school assembly the headmaster announced “No walking down the grass banks” but he never explained why. First play break I went straight over to the grass bank and started to walk down it. 3 minutes later I was outside the headmasters office. Still no explanation as to why.

Ever since then I have been looking for the reasons why something has to be done, challenging if that is really true and finding smarter ways to get the same result – faster.  That  is what everyone now needs to do with their careers or their businesses. You need to find the ‘hacks’ to mod or change something in a different way that realizes results  faster and more effectively.

My goal is to help people get to the point of owning their definition – I am there to guide you to your moments of clarity.  This is through this blog, my speaking, coaching and consulting.  If you are looking to make that happen and are open to doing things a little bit differently in order to stand out – then this blog is for you.

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And the best part? I am not the academic type, I cut through that to offer solutions that are practical and action-oriented.  Time and life are too short not to be hacking now and again!

If you feel that there is an opportunity to collaborate I am always open to exploring. If it is not a fit I will tell you, but  I am confident I will know someone who is and happy to make the connection.


Paul Copcutt’s specialty is working with professionals, executives and the teams that they lead. He helps create a cohesive and nimble team identity that is driven by values such as respect, trust, adaptability and continual learning. Paul is also Canada’s leading personal brand consultant and speaker. He combines a passion for people with a realization that strengths and an interactive approach to change are the keys to success.

Paul has provided his coaching and consulting expertise to a wide variety of industries in both North America and Europe including biotech, medical devices, consumer goods, finance, law and executive recruitment. Within his work, he models his key values of approaching all situations with an open mind and a commitment to quality. As a compelling storyteller, he has a unique ability to communicate and connect with all levels of people in order to empower, guide and inspire individuals and teams

He is recognised by Forbes as one of the top certified personal brand strategists and is a much sought after coach, national speaker and media resource. He has been often quoted in The Globe & Mail, Canada’s leading national newspaper and is a regular contributor to several leading online resources. He presents to many national and international organizations including the Ontario Pharmaceutical Marketing Association, Chartered Professional Accountants, Insurance Bureau of Canada, Financial Executives International, Canadian Bar Association, Chartered Financial Analysts, Human Resource Professionals Association, Women in
Technology International and the Richard Ivey and Rotman MBA programs.

Some Clients Worked With

Allozyne Biotech, McKesson, Novartis/GSK, Altum Health, Hershey, Compass, General Mills, Cap Gemini, Cassels Brock LLC, Gowlings WLG, Microsoft, Miller Thomson LLC, Pepsi, Royal Le Page, Scotiabank, Xerox, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, TD Bank, Canadian Tire, Research in Motion, CIBC Mellon, Enbridge, Desjardins, IBM, Ontario Power, BBM, CBC, Bayer, Goodyear, Blackberry, Ontario Ministry of Transport, CIBC, Royal Bank of Canada, Chartered Professional Accountants, General Motors

Representative Assignments


CEO & Leadership Team – Biotech Start-Up/Early Stage

C-Suite Leaders Support Team – Healthcare Distribution

Leadership Team – Healthcare Services Company

Marketing Team – Consumer Goods

Country GM & Senior Leadership – Pharmaceutical

VP of IT and management team – National Retailer


CEO – Biotech Start-Up/Early stage – coached in a new leadership role

CFO Big Four Accounting Firm – coached on leadership presence and brand after taking over a new role.

GM Country Manager – Pharmacueitical – coached on taking on a new role and subsequent exit from role.

High Potential Leaders – Software – Coaching on career development and management

Former President & CEO – Securities – coached on a career transition and assisted in helping find new senior roles and board positions.

Managing Partner and Partners – Law Firm – Individual leadership and professional presence coaching and workshop facilitation.

VP of IT and Team – Retail – Coaching VP on their leadership and individual internal career development

Former Professional Athletes – NHL, NFL, PGA, Olympians – Coaching on personal brand and making the transition from sport to life after sport


More About Paul Copcutt

I was once described by Forbes magazine as a leading personal brand expert globally. I do not know if at the time that was true, although I was certainly one of the first certified personal brand strategists globally through Reach. What I do know is that I possess exceptional skills in quickly distilling what I see and hear in to custom solutions that are effective,  such as the Fun Accountant who entertains with Pinata Bar-B-Q’s or the Senior VP of IT who hosts Ice Cream Socials.

I help people uncover their uniqueness and communicate, using their Rebel Voice, it in an authentic way that appeals to those they are trying to influence and get’s them noticed and remembered, for the right reasons.

I am passionate about this work because I know the only barriers to doing what you love are those you put in place yourself. After two attempts to pass my basic math qualification and having my biology teacher label me as an idiot,  it was ironic that these subjects were the basis of a successful corporate career that started in banking and ended in biotech. After reading Tom Peters ‘Brand You 50″ in the late 90’s and realizing that I had taken many of the actions and suggestions that Peters wrote about, I knew I had to help others have the opportunity to do the same. This would later form the basis of my ‘Career Hacker’ approach, easy to implement actions in an acclaimed, tried and tested process.

I regularly speak to professional audiences across North America and beyond, sharing latest information, personal examples and practical actions to get ahead . Over the years my expertise has been honoured with remarkable and notable accolades, inspiring Fortune 500 executives and employees to proactively manage their careers and on occasion launch entirely new ones, like the VP in banking who bought a vineyard in Argentina!

A regular media resource, my perspectives and client actions have been featured in Elle, Money, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and the Globe & Mail.  I have been a guest writer on CareerAttraction.com, CareerHub.com and resident personal brand expert for HigherBracket.ca and BlueSteps.com both resources for the $100k plus executive and for over 3 years I was top contributor to the Career/Training section of MarketingProfs. My personal brand expertise has also been sited in several career books including best sellers Career Distinction, The Female Brand and The Twitter Job Search Guide.

In my spare time I have become a born again runner, read non-fiction extensively and try to keep up with my two late-teen children. I am also committed and passionate about the future of my adopted country, Canada, and the youth that will be taking that responsibility forward. So I am actively involved volunteering within my local neighbourhood and city.

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