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Purpose of Passions Activity

We all desire to follow our dreams and live our passions. When you live your life with purpose and passion, you know you are doing what you are meant to be doing.  Unearthing those true passions can also lead to an immediate infusion of energy.  While identifying your passion may not always come easy, there are a few indicators which will help you. For instance, a true passion will not only make your face light up, but will often consume your thoughts even when you try to push them aside.  Kind of like a catchy song that you just can’t get out of your head (which almost becomes annoying!).

Passion Discovery Questions

Pick one and spend some time really going in depth

Chose one of the belowand write out what you would be doing. Afterwards, reflect back on how it felt when you were recalling these events.  What drove you to make the choices you did, and what drove you to feel good about those activities — these are your passions.

1. Tell me about a time when you woke up far before sunrise to do or participate in something extraordinary.  This might have been during a different period in your life or more recently.  What was your motivation?  What made it special to you?  How did it make you feel or bring joy to your life?

2. Tell me about a charity or strategic community initiative (local, national or global) for which you have unequivocal excitement, zeal and conviction?  How do you find yourself expressing this sense of enthusiasm?  What positive impact have you seen as a result of this fervent focus?  In yourself?  In team members, family or friends?  In the community at large?

3. You have just won a lottery worth more than $500 million dollars.  Now that money doesn’t matter, what kinds of things would you do with your time?  What are those activities, hobbies or ideas which you love to think or talk about, but never quite get around to doing?  What have you put aside due to the priorities associated with your career?  Perhaps something you did when you were younger that you wish you hadn’t given up?  Now that you have the time, money and resources, describe a typical week in your new life.  How do you feel as you describe this week?


Then begin to summarize and consolidate your thinking.  Boil down your thoughts to focus on 3 to 5 key passions, and list them out.

Finally write 1-2 thoughts on how your feel your passions are connected to your work.
















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