Will The Easter Bunny Really Make You Happy?


I  always wonder, as my kids get older, whether Easter and the fun of an egg hunt will lose its charm. Based on a slightly alternative version that my two got involved in on Good Friday, it would appear not. My girlfriend’s family and another family have an annual golf ball hunt,. Their Grandfather started the tradition and they still use the original golf balls !

It’s a highly competitive event, the adults joining in too. Each ball is worth certain points, with some coloured golf balls being worth more. Once all of them are collected, the points are tallied and prizes handed out or chosen. It was a lot of fun.

My kids were motivated to get involved and they rushed around…….Read More »Will The Easter Bunny Really Make You Happy?

Even with Tiger Woods as the student – you have to brand

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You may know that Tiger Woods has a new coach – Canadian golf swing coach Sean Foley. Apart from working with a few other PGA golfers he was relatively an unknown, until he started to coach Tiger.  Now he has hired a sports agency to represent him, launched his first product – an instructional DVD and had to defend his style and methodology from people accusing him of borrowing heavily from other… Read More »Even with Tiger Woods as the student – you have to brand

Have you determined your personal brand legacy?

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 Louis Oosthuizen was the rather unexpected winner of this past weekends British Open, one of the four major golf championships, at the home of golf St.Andrews, he practically led the tournament for the final 3 days. And it was with a degree of thanks in part to someone elses personal brand, or at least their desire for a vision greater than their own success and golf game – that of another excellent South African golfer… Read More »Have you determined your personal brand legacy?

Can You Afford Not to Have a Tiger in Your Tank?

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  I was going to pass on commenting about the whole Tiger Woods saga, but then a posting Tigers Tarnished Brand by William Arruda over at The Personal Branding Blog prompted me to comment and captured what I have been considering, so I thought I would share it too. Here is what I had to say: Certainly Tigers reputation has been affected by all this, his approval rating is falling faster… Read More »Can You Afford Not to Have a Tiger in Your Tank?


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This post was prompted by a post over at Keith Ferrazzi's blog and is a copy of my comments on golf for business. Also when you get a moment drop on over to the new blog of Tim O'Connor – a former client who does just great PR work specifically for the golf industry. I love to play golf, but with running my own business and a young family I… Read More »Fore!