What Use is Your Headshot on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Headshot

How Important Is Your Headshot?

According to various sources having a head shot on LinkedIn can increase the chances of your profile being looked at in more detail by between 7 and 14 times. LinkedIn says around 11 times. Like it or not others are making decisions regarding your profile photo, or lack of one.

This may not be as far fetched as you might think. If you are a recruiter, hiring manager or someone looking to buy a product or service and your are searching, or come across an update or comment, you often look for the headshot first.

So what is your reaction if you do not see a face? 

It might be that the person is trying to hide something, or they are not serious about business or you just move on.

So first things first, you need a headshot. 

The first key step is…..Read More »What Use is Your Headshot on LinkedIn?

Are you being one dimensional with your picture?

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One of the exercises I have introduced in my workshops is taking a before and after headshot and getting the audience to guess the vocation of the individual. There seems to be several schools of thought out there at the moment as to how you should present yourself in terms of picture in online profiles. I have seen a number of leading social media experts advocate the use of the same… Read More »Are you being one dimensional with your picture?