How to ACE Connecting Your Personal Brand to Your Work recently surpassed Wal-Mart to become the worlds largest retailer by market value. has over 180,000 employees working worldwide, making it hard for the company to develop and maintain a culture that is embraced, and in line with the perceptions that people have of its brand. “Brand is how others see you, culture is how you see yourself.” Curt Coffman This became evident after a New York Times article last Sunday… Read More »How to ACE Connecting Your Personal Brand to Your Work

5 Best Practices For Attracting New Clients By Talking on Social Media, Pay Attention

“Social media is called social for a reason. It lends itself to sharing rather than horn tooting .” Margaret Attwood If you owned a $100 million home would you assume that it could sell itself? This is the premise of this weeks piece in lessons from Tweetstock. As you are reading this we are heading up for what may be a final few summer days by a lake, not in a $100… Read More »5 Best Practices For Attracting New Clients By Talking on Social Media, Pay Attention

Make More Happen

Many ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’ talk about the fact that we all have the same 24 hours a day. It’s what you do with it that counts and matters. Am I preaching to the converted?   My plan for 2015 is to ‘Make More Happen’ in those 24 hours. But not just anything. Meaningful stuff that matters to you and me. Over the next few weeks and months you will notice a… Read More »Make More Happen

How to behave badly on LinkedIn

I am always flipping between seeing LinkedIn as a useful tool and experiencing it as flea market.  But one place it should not be used for is to send terse rejection notes.   Meet Kelly Blazek. Or at least this might be one of the few places you might now see her. Following a particularly terse and some would say nasty rejection of a unsolicited request to connect on LinkedIn,… Read More »How to behave badly on LinkedIn

Do You Make This Profile Damaging Mistake on LinkedIn?

Some of the top professionals and career experts on LinkedIn are making a very basic and in many cases obvious mistake with their profiles. The danger for all of us is if this continues, LinkedIn becomes more of a flea market than a professional network.

Martha Amanda Pamela Ninja AmeliaDebra

But you might be doing the same, without knowing. This collection of well taken headshots are all purported to be of various professionals on LinkedIn. One of them even recently reached out to me to make a connection. But I noticed that her image had a watermark from one of the stockphoto services which immediately made me suspicious.

I uploaded their image to Google Image Search and discovered the same image was available for purchase on Shutterstock and 123RoyaltyFree as well as being used on a national women’s association website and in an industry magazine. She was also used on more than one LinkedIn profile.

Usually when receiving a new request for a connection I do not immediately recognise I look to see who else in my network might know them. Considering other perspectives I wondered if this was this being done out of a desire for some level of privacy? Or was my instinct correct, were there other phantom profiles?  Sure enough I started to find some of Amanda’s ‘friends’.

What was even more shocking was how many leading career experts and professional ‘gurus’ (some even networking and social media experts) had these types of profiles as 1st level connections. How was this so?  Maybe it was a…….

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Why are you still sending your resume?

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According to recent research, the average time spent by a recruiter reading your resume is now just 6 seconds! Hopefully if the recruiting person is internal or a hiring manager the time is longer, but realistically it still might only be a few more seconds. The article shows images of two different resumes and the heat spots where eyes were tending to focus on in the short time they… Read More »Why are you still sending your resume?

Is LinkedIn a Waste of Time?

It still seems to be almost a week never goes by without an invitation to another networking / social networking/ connections platform that is going to be the next best thing since sliced bread or at least since Google +. But how do you know if you should join or not? Revisit (or start) with what communication objectives you have set for your personal brand. Just because someone in your… Read More »Is LinkedIn a Waste of Time?

Three uses for the volunteer experience section on LinkedIn profiles.

LinkedIn's move last week to allow the addition of volunteer experience and causes seems on the surface to be a great addition in communicating your personal brand to your professional network. Three benefits to you of being able to see other peoples volunteer experience; You can see who in your industry, voacation or network has similar interests to you. Particularly if you are looking to connect with that person, it… Read More »Three uses for the volunteer experience section on LinkedIn profiles.

Using personal brand statements

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Develop a personal brand statement that can be used in various situations and opportunities – one for 15 seconds, one for 45 seconds and one that can be used in written communications and on profiles such as LinkedIn etc.