Is It Best to Look Back or Forward?

This was a question I was wrestling with my 2019 planning. You probably struggled with reading almost anything, anywhere over the last few days without stumbling across an article about habits, goals or resolutions or a combo of all three. To be honest I started to find it all a bit confusing. Perhaps I am making it more than I should. BUT there certainly seems to be some disagreement over the… Read More »Is It Best to Look Back or Forward?

8% Gone

Polar vortex’s aside has this month seemed like a whirlwind?  Over 8% of the year has already gone by! It certainly seems that way for me. Since the new beginnings post I have been working at getting in to a routine that addresses my new life format going forward.  With my separation I now have the children 50% of the time, one week on and one week off. That means… Read More »8% Gone