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If You Are Confusing, You Are Losing

Have you ever used a mucus recovery system? Chances are there is one on your desk or at least in your office. The term came from an actor in a US-based show I was watching. They were deciphering a hospital bill trying to figure out what a $25 charge was for a “mucus recovery system” It made me think about how clearly you need to communicate or market real estate… Read More »If You Are Confusing, You Are Losing

How Are You Telling Your Real Estate Investing Story?

3 times storytelling will enhance and 3 times it will damage your brand. You want prospects and clients to make an emotional connection to your real estate investing business and your brand. Often we are told that storytelling is the way to do that. For that to happen it NEEDS to be;1. Engaging – attention spans are diminishing by the day.2. Easy to follow – sometimes visual or storyboards can… Read More »How Are You Telling Your Real Estate Investing Story?

What Do You Do If You Cee Tiepo’s in Marketing Mesages?

Being slipshod with your marketing campaigns can make or break a relationship. But usually, if I see a mistake I am inclined not to judge unless it’s a blatant disregard for doing good work. If the marketing still works……… What about you – is it a Forgive, Forget or Fail?

Are You Measuring Marketing Effectiveness?

“How did you hear about us?” That question is probably still the primary source of marketing measurement for many real estate investing business owners. Which might be okay if your marketing is minimal or haphazard. But if you are starting to strategically plan more regular and perhaps in-depth or sophisticated campaigns you will want some solid metrics to fathom their effectiveness. Sticking your face on a giant billboard, side of… Read More »Are You Measuring Marketing Effectiveness?

Are Your Running Vanilla Marketing Campaigns?

Because your desire (or perhaps desperation) is to not exclude anyone with a pulse who could be a client or joint venture partner. Or you play it safe so you do not run the risk of offending anyone. You end up with vanilla real estate investing marketing. Perhaps you are following the ‘way it’s always been done’ or you are following some new guru or copycatting a 10x influencer or… Read More »Are Your Running Vanilla Marketing Campaigns?

Are you really differentiating yourself?

This past week I spent some time as a mentor with PR students from Humber college at their Personal Brand Camp 2. It was great to experience the enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge as well as the considered and respectful approach that the students displayed. Also last week I contributed to the PriceWaterhouse Coopers Personal Brand Week – an online initiative via Facebook and Twitter to share tips and tools… Read More »Are you really differentiating yourself?