Publish and Be Damned

A connection of mine on LinkedIn reached out recently to ask for some advice on getting noticed in the newsfeed.  Although they had thousands of followers and connections the engagement on their posts was low.  Why was that and what could be done?  My advice resulted in this message from my connection a couple of days later;  Wow. You weren’t wrong. 😁  I did one post without a photo that flopped,… Read More »Publish and Be Damned

No-one Is Waiting For Your LinkedIn Updates

I am sorry to break this to you, but no-one is waiting by their computer or phone to see what you just did on LinkedIn or recent profile edits.  There, I told you.  Fact is we are all busy, we all have multiple notifications from numerous platforms and software and we are overwhelmed.  Chances are you are not surprised, shocked or maybe not even upset. After all it has been… Read More »No-one Is Waiting For Your LinkedIn Updates

Are You A Personal Brand Creator or Curator?

Producing new content is time-consuming. There is more new content being produced daily than every before. Be useful to those you are trying to reach by being the curator of the valuable content already out there. Raise the profile of your personal brand and manage your career.