Will Toronto’s Brand Ever Live it Down?

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  With todays snow storm the memory of Toronto's mayor a few years ago calling in the army to clear the streets always comes to mind and this video is just a priceless capture of that sentiment, many in Canada will probably never let Toronto forget it! A fun piece for a snow day!  

Why CES Doesn’t Matter

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On my flight back to Toronto from Las Vegas I was talking with someone who attended the Consumer Electronics Show – the largest trade show that takes up all of the Las Vegas Convention Center and several local hotels. We talked about what was there and what was new. He said it took he and a colleague three days to 'walk the show' and even then they did not make… Read More »Why CES Doesn’t Matter

Possession is nine-tenths of the law

In the Toronto Star this past weekend was an entertaining and in some cases insightful look at the next council members. Each had been asked to attend a photo shoot and bring with them one or two objects that would show the electorate who they were. The new mayor and several councilors refused to attend or even respond, placing a trivial or perhaps fearful emphasis on the exercise. But this… Read More »Possession is nine-tenths of the law

Vote for ME – you know it makes sense!

  "Uncouth, uncultured, suburban, journalist-chasing, drunk driving, marijuana-possessing Air Canada Centre ejectee and lone wolf"- these were the words that kicked off an article by Chris Selley of the National Post about the Mayor elect of Toronto. Hardly the attributes you would think of associating with the leader of Canada's largest municipality. But all the negativity associated with these words and the person they were attached to have been put… Read More »Vote for ME – you know it makes sense!