Taking Some of My Own Advice

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When I am making presentations on personal branding around the country and in to the US as well, I am constantly going on to audiences about the importance on your on-line ranking – where do you stand in Google?

One of my strong recommendations is to have regular contributions either to your own blog or other peoples, each entry becomes a separate web page that are picked up by the search engines – much better than a static web site.

And, according to my good friend, colleague, fellow brand strategist and technical whiz Kirsten Dixson at Brandego if you have a web site then link your blog back to it and that also raises your web site rankings

But of course, that is not what I have been doing!

I have been trying to get two e-zines out a week that usually do not link to my blog and then have only managed to get less than half a dozen entries in my blog this year!

Watch out in the second quarter – I am on a new mission.

I have dropped my two weekly e-zines to alternate weeks and anyone now seeking just information and observations from me should check in on my blog on a regualr basis.


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